Book Review → The Drafter


the drafterTitle: The Drafter
Author: Kim Harrison
Series: The Peri Reed Chronicles
Publication Date: September 1, 2015

Synopsis: During a routine but dangerous Opti task, Peri Reed finds out her trusted partner has made her a corrupt agent. Her unique ability to jump back 40 seconds in time to correct a mistake leaves her vulnerable when her partner, who is responsible for replacing her memory of the event, gives her a false one. But Peri lives and dies on her intuition, and she begins to piece her twisted reality together as she flees her one-time secure situation at Opti and tries to find the truth with a sullen but talented psychologist named Silas who works for the very agency trying to bring the Opti corruption to light.

With Howard, tech and med specialist, and Taf, gun-toting daughter of the opposing grass-roots agency, Silas and Peri try to rebuild her memory of the night she killed her partner, knowing it will put her mental stability in danger. Peri remembers, and thoughts of revenge keep her alive and moving forward as she tries to put an end to Opti, working with the very faction that wants to see her dead.

Review: I am a huge, huge, huge fan of Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series. I’ve seriously read it at least three times, I’ve put off reading the end of that one because I don’t want it to end (and I need to re-read it again!). So I put off reading this one because I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t like it or it wouldn’t live up to the love that I have for The Hollows series. But I really didn’t have anything to worry about. I really loved this series opener, it was a really great way to start a new series.

Peri is just as amazing as Rachel, in very different ways of course, but omg do I love them both. I’m not going to do a comparison of the two, because like I said they’re both awesome. Peri is a drafter, meaning she can go back in time, usually just seconds, and change time. Afterwards she usually has no memory of doing or what she’d been doing before doing it. This is why she needs an anchor, someone who is there and can help her remember what happens. At the start of the book Peri is confident and a little reckless. Then when her world is turned upside down and she isn’t sure who to trust we see a vulnerable side to her as she slowly learns how to stand on her own two feet. Then her confidence returns, in my opinion, it returns stronger than before, she is less cocky, and less reckless as well.

I felt that the story was just as much a mystery/thriller as it was science fiction. There were so many twists and turns that you were constantly guessing where people’s allegiances lied and who was really corrupt and who wasn’t. I’m still not sure who we should really be trusting and who we shouldn’t. Things are mostly told, not through Peri’s pov since it is in third person, but she’s the one the story follows so we basically see everything as she sees it. And with her memory, the fact that people can erase it and plant false ones, she’s not exactly the most reliable narrator. (Okay I’m just a skeptical and not easily trusting person!) It definitely makes for an interesting story and I am really looking forward to the next book!

Stars: ★★★★★
Recommendation: Yes


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