Weekly TBR


I decided to do these recently, more to help me stay accountable to actually read certain books, and to put more posts on my blog that are not reviews. Feel free to talk to me about any books on this list that you’ve read, spoiler free please! Also feel free to suggest similar books that you think I might like (I read adult, new adult, young adult, and middle grade). So on to my books for the week!

Last Week

I read both Superman comics. And in between them I read Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken as well as marathoning Supergirl. So I didn’t manage to even start either of the other two books. I think I’m going to cut my lists down to three books. And if I read more, I read more.

Weekly TBR
the drafter

I’ve checked this one out a few times from the library and never get to it before I have to send it back. I want to read it but I keep checking a ridiculous amount of books out. Well this time I don’t have that many so I’m definitely starting this one tonight. I’ve already read the first page and it really sounds good. I am excited for it!


This is one that I got an e-ARC for then got really sick and wasn’t able to read before the e-ARC expired so I grabbed the book from the library and I am reading it now. It is one that I am sooooo excited for and I was soooo sad that I wasn’t able to read it when/before the ARC expired. It will definitely be read this week.

the cruelty

This is a 2017 ARC but I’m reading it this week. This one is another one that sounds really, really good. It’s a thriller/spy book and it sounds a bit Jason Bourne-y to me, which I really loved those movies (I’ve not read the books). [If anyone wants to join my spy ring (yes it involves getting an ARC) shoot me an email, address is at the top on the right!]


Okay I know at the top I said only three books but this one is REALLY short in comparison to the others and will seriously only be if I have finished the others. I have a feeling it follows the movie quite a bit but omfg the Ant-Man movie is seriously my favorite Marvel movie so I won’t mind that a bit at all. I flailed a bit when I saw this in my library’s catalog.

What books are you reading this week?


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