Book Review → The Marriage Contract


the marriage contractTitle: The Marriage Contract
Author: Katee Robert
Series: The O’Malleys
Publication Date: June 2, 2015

Synopsis: Teague O’Malley hates pretty much everything associated with his family’s name. And when his father orders him to marry Callista Sheridan to create a “business” alliance, Teague’s ready to tell his dad exactly where he can stuff his millions. But then Teague actually meets his new fiancée, sees the bruises on her neck and the fight still left in her big blue eyes, and vows he will do everything in his power to protect her.

Everyone knows the O’Malleys have a dangerous reputation. But Callie wasn’t aware just what that meant until she saw Teague, the embodiment of lethal grace and coiled power. His slightest touch sizzles through her. But the closer they get, the more trouble they’re in. Because Callie’s keeping a dark secret-and what Teague doesn’t know could get him killed.

Review: I attempted to read this book once before and I couldn’t get into it. I decided to attempt it again after receiving an ARC of the second book, The Wedding Pact. Honestly, I enjoyed this book a lot. It is so different from a lot of romance books that are out there and it was quite refreshing.

A book about Irish mob families isn’t going to be all sunshine, roses, and happy endings for everyone. This book was gritty, full of people with hard difficult lives, who have to make the best decisions they can in the situations that they find themselves in, often not of their own choosing. Despite all the bad things that happens around everyone two people were able to fall in love.

Katee Robert always does such a good job in her story telling. She has this way of pulling me into her stories, getting me invested in her characters, and making me long for more. And I always dread when a series ends! I seriously loved Teague and Calli from the get go and they only improved as the story went on. I finished this book in a couple of hours, unable to put it down, and look forward to reading The Wedding Pack.

Stars: ★★★★
Recommendation: Sure


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