Book Review → Let it Breathe


let it breatheTitle: Let it Breathe
Author: Tawna Fenske
Publication Date: March 22, 2016

Synopsis: Vineyard manager Reese Clark is determined to bring her family’s Oregon winery into the big leagues, and she knows building a new tasting room and event pavilion is her ticket there. Having her ex-husband’s best friend—and her secret college crush—turn up to head the construction project, however, doesn’t pair well with her plans. Between her nauseating lovebird parents; her motorcycle-riding, pot-growing grandfather; and her pet alpaca, fond of head-butting groins, Reese has more than enough chaotic characters in her life.

Back in college, Clay Henderson was more likely to be sprawled over a bar than building one. But even if the new clean-living Clay has matured as deliciously as an oak-aged chardonnay, he’s still off-limits. As Reese’s well-laid plans for the winery crumble like bad cork, Clay the newly sober gentleman is sweet enough to rescue Reese from a wardrobe malfunction and still spicy enough to play “I Never” with her. Can he overcome his past rep to offer her a love too heady to ignore?

Review: Normally I just love Tawna’s books and find them equally humorous and romantic. But something was off with this one for me and I think it was Eric. He was a bit of a jerk about Reese and Clay from the get go, despite them both being his best friends and him KNOWING they were both in love with each other and had been since they were in college. I was really just ready for him to go away. It was okay for him to be happy with his new wife but he was using the ‘bro code’ to keep Reese and Clay apart even though he knew they were in love, and even though he’d told her earlier in the book she needed to get out and date more. Eric aside, I enjoyed the book a lot. I loved Reese and Clay. I absolutely love when love interests have some sort of past history but haven’t seen each other in years. It’s one of my absolute favorite tropes, ever. Axl is a hoot, he reminded me a lot of Grandma Mazur from the Stephanie Plum books. The antics that he got into were hilarious and definitely made up for the problems I had with Eric. This book was sure one heck of a ride.

Stars: ★★★
Recommendation: I say give it a shot, Fenske is a great author and you might not have the same issues
I received an ARC of this book from Montlake Romance on Netgalley. This in no way affected my review.


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