Book Review → Cast in Sorrow


cast in sorrowTitle: Cast in Peril
Author: Michelle Sagara
Series: Chronicles of Elantra
Publication Date: August 27, 2013

Synopsis: The Barrani would be happy to see her die. So Kaylin Neya is a bit surprised by her safe arrival in the West March. Especially when enemies new and old surround her and those she would call friends are equally dangerous…

And then the real trouble starts. Kaylin’s assignment is to be a “harmoniste”-one who helps tell the truth behind a Barrani Recitation. But in a land where words are more effective than weapons, Kaylin’s duties are deadly. With the wrong phrase she could tear a people further asunder. And with the right ones…well, then she might be able to heal a blight on a race.

If only she understood the story….

Review: This book was the entire time they were in the West March. I should not have read these two back to back because it made the story feel too long and drawn out. I was planning to take a break from the series, I believe I did end up reading one contemporary romance, then I came right back to this series. I just want to know what happens! I can’t help it I really, really like these books! We did get a lot of the Barrani Consort, Teela, and Kaylin, so definitely more female characters than we’ve previously had, which is something I’ve wanted.

Teela had also drawn a sword. For some reason, the Consort and Lord Teela made swords look as if they were the appropriate weapons of choice for women in long dresses.

I really loved that quote, even though that’s actually from Cast in Peril, it was just amazing.

Stars: ★★★★
Recommendation: Definitely!


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