Book Review → Cast in Peril


cast in perilTitle: Cast in Peril
Author: Michelle Sagara
Series: Chronicles of Elantra
Publication Date: September 25, 2012

Synopsis: It has been a busy few weeks for Private Kaylin Neva. In between angling for a promotion, sharing her room with the last living female Dragon and dealing with more refugees than anyone knew what to do with, the unusual egg she’d been given was ready to hatch. Actually, that turned out to be lucky, because it absorbed the energy from the bomb that went off in her quarters…. So now might be the perfect time to leave Elantra and journey to the West March with the Barrani. If not for the disappearances of citizens in the fief of Tiamaris–disappearances traced to the very Barrani Kaylin will be traveling with..

Review: This book is mostly about the Barrani and their travel to the West Marsh. Kaylin and Severn go with them, Nightshade arranged for Kaylin to go in exchange for giving the Hawks information they need on a case they are working on. Severn is going as a Wolf to catch, and kill, the Barrani that almost killed Kaylin and Bellusdeo. This book felt really, really, really long. It is literally the entire journey to the West March. This one had it’s interesting parts and it had it’s boring parts. I did struggle a bit to get through this one and didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous ones. While reading it it is not as obvious why all the things that happened are important and why this book needed to be about the journey. As I’m typing up this review (I previously had a handwritten version) I’ve already read the following book and can see why the events of this one were important and that has changed my view a bit.

Stars: ★★★★
Recommendation: Definitely!


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