Shop Update


I’ve decided that I am going to make a post about updates on my Redbubble and Society6 shops. I will probably only do it once, at most twice, a month. I do, usually, tweet when I post new designs, and I definitely tweet when there are sales, so if you want to keep up with more regular updates follow me on twitter. These designs are available in almost all of the styles, if you see something of mine you like, but would like in a different color or font feel free to email, message me on twitter, comment here, or bubble message me on Redbubble, and I will get to it ASAP.



These are all on the Redbubble shop, I update that way more than my Society6 one, I prefer the items they have for sale there and in my opinion, their items are better priced for consumers than S6’s are. (aka they’re cheaper!)


Redubble is having a sale starting January 17th and lasting until the 18th, if you plan to buy anything you might want to wait until Sunday!

Shop my Redbubble
Shop my Society6


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