What’s to come in 2016

Happy New Year!

This post is about what is to come on the blog in 2016. Not much is really going to change, somethings will and I’ll be making a list below of the things that I have planned for the blog.

Mostly just reviews

Less promotional post, ie blog tours, blitzs, cover reveals, etc

Less review requests, I have a few authors who have requested with me in the past that I would still like to work with, other than that, I likely will not be accepting new requests for the foreseeable future

Worrying less about ARCs and reading more older books, and more of the unread books on my shelf

I will continue with my book recs

There will be the occasionally Top Ten Tuesday as the topic appeals to me and I will still be doing Waiting on Wednesday Posts

New on the blog, I will occasionally be doing Movie Reviews. There will be other product reviews when I receive things from Influenster, or if I find something I really like and think everyone needs to know. These will be Saturday posts though.

I want to do more of the ‘Get to know the Blogger’ posts, so I will be asking you for help in topics.

Not blog specific, but more social interaction with other bloggers, I’ve become bad at this.

Redbubble promo posts, I will try to limit these to bi-weekly to monthly posts, just to update you on new products within the shop. And to remind you that I do have an amazing shop!

Monthly round-up posts, I started that this year, and I kind of failed at it. I didn’t have a good template set up for it and it just became a pain to keep up with. So I’m going to set up one and make sure to keep up with it.

I really feel like I had a few more things, but I honestly can’t think of them and that’s already quite a list so we’ll leave it at that, and I will get back to packing since we’re in the middle of a move. I guess this post kind of ended up being like my ‘blogger resolutions’ post when that’s not what I intended it to be at all. lol.

Anything you guys plan on doing on your blogs in 2016?


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