Getting to Know the Blogger


A month ago I mentioned that I was having bariatric surgery at the end of August. Obviously being September my surgery date has come and gone.

The two weeks leading up to the surgery I had to do a liquid diet. I was able to have fruit or vegetables twice a day but other than that it was protein shakes, jello, clear liquids, and popsicles. At first it was horrible, the protein shakes tasted horrible, and I was having a hard time drinking them. Once I got permission to add a couple of pieces of fruit to my shakes they became more bearable and the diet went smoothly.

I had surgery on the 31st and stayed in the hospital overnight. In the hospital things mostly consisted of me sleeping and watching TV. I didn’t get to start drinking anything until on the 1st after I did a swallow test to make sure that everything was okay with my stomach and there was not a leak. Once I got the all clear I got to drink water (with crystal light), jello, and broth. I left the hospital later in the afternoon on the 1st. I also had to do some walking while I was in the hospital. My stay there was actually good. The nursing staff was amazing and I was not constantly bothered like I was at the last hospital. They really did let you sleep and get the rest you needed. Even the housekeeping staff was super quiet when they came into my room when I was sleeping, I had no clue they’d been in. I was genuinely impressed with my stay and the hospital staff.

Since being home things have been pretty good. My mom and her boyfriend have really been good about helping me out and doing things for me that I can’t do. Like I can’t bend over, it hurts way too badly. Mom did yell at me today for being up too long, telling me I needed to go rest. Today wasn’t that great of a day, I woke up dehydrated, I’m not getting enough water in, and I’m worried about going to the ER to have to get fluids. But my pain medication has been knocking me out 15 minutes or so after taking it and I pretty much just slept the first 3 days home. I’ve been awake most of today and so I’ve been drinking a lot more. I did resort back to using the 1 oz medicine cups they sent home with me to sip my water. It has definitely helped a lot.


I am a little nervous to share these photos, but I think they’re important in this process for me. Plus it will be nice to have a place to easily go back and find them. These were taken today. I forgot to have some taken before I started the liquid diet. The weight I got when I was in the hospital was 293lbs, I’m sure I’ve lost some since then but we don’t have a scale so I can’t tell how much.

I go back for my first follow-up appointment on Tuesday and at that appointment I will find out if I get to move on to stage 2 of the post-op diet. Stage 1 is the clear liquid diet, similar to what I was on pre-op but without the fruit. Stage 2 is pureed foods. I’m not too sure about this stage entirely BUT I think it might be okay. I really just want a dang cheeseburger. That’s been my big craving.

Again if anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to ask. 🙂


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