Sunshine VoxBox


I am a member of influenster and I occasionally get VoxBox’s from them. This round I got the Sunshine VoxBox. Normally I post on tumblr about them but I decided to make a blog post about them. I’m going to post this initial post with the arrival of the box and my first reactions to the items and next Sunday I will make another post after about things after having used the products/tested them out.


I was a little hesitant when I found out I was getting this box. The last two boxes I have gotten haven’t been things that I would normally use at all. One had an aerosol deodorant in it, I did go ahead and test it out. It had me coughing for 15 minutes after using it, even with my head turned out of the way. Another had a Neutrogena make remover cloth in it. I don’t use make up so I’m not at all sure why I received the box. It did say on the package that you could use the wipes as a face cleaner so I gave them a shot one night before bed, and while they did leave my face feeling clean, I woke up to a rash on my face the next morning. I quickly passed them off to my mom. Instead of waiting for the box to arrive to find out what was in it, I googled and found the ‘spoiler’ video that Influenster made and surprisingly I was quite pleased with what I saw. I was excited to receive this box.


I am most excited for the Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser. I am overweight and it can be a pain to put on lotion and this definitely seems like it will make things a lot simpler and easier. My only hesitation is my sensitive skin, I break out easily and I’m hoping this won’t cause that. I do plan on testing on a small spot first.

I am hesitant and excited for the Dickinson’s cleansing cloths. I had a problem with the last ones because of my sensitive skin and this is a company I have never heard of. I am willing to test them out, but if I break out after that first try I don’t plan on continuing to use them and will pass them off to my mom again.

I am so happy that I got the blue Sinful Colors polish. It is called Oceanside. While it is more teal and darker than I personal prefer I really did not want the pink. I wouldn’t have minded the yellow/gold. I have already put it on, I wanted to put it on ASAP today to see how it wears during the week. I will say it took two coats to get a good cover but it dried super quick, which is good for me because as soon as I put polish on I want to start doing something else and I always end up messing one up.

Infusium 23, I will be honest I will have to read the bottle on this one. I don’t normally use products like this. I normally just stick to my shampoo and conditioner and just go. After checking their website since my bottle is downstairs, it’s a leave in smoothing treatment.

Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds, I am not a fan of almonds so I passed this off to my mom and her boyfriend. They have already ate them, I will share what they thought in my next post.

barkTHINS. It’s a coupon for a bag of barkTHINS, we’ve had the pumpkin ones but I’m not a fan of pumpkin so I’ve not tried them. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but I am going to try the Dark Chocolate Mint ones.

I received these products complimentary through Influenster for review.


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