Blogger Pen Pals


Hello! I am Denise, the book blogger here at Dandelionn Wine Book Blog, and I am running the Book Blogger Pen Pal exchange. This exchange is for snail mail letters, postcards, cards, etc. You are not obligated to send any type of gift otherwise but you can if you’d like to send one, try and keep it something small and low priced. Something special to your region would be a nice thing to send. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me. You can contact me here in a comment or through email.

You have until 11:59pm CDT on July 31st, 2015 to sign up. Please spread the word so other bloggers have the chance to sign up as well! I will start pairing people up and sending out emails within the first week of August. Sign ups will re-open every two months or so, if you already have pen pals you can still sign up for new ones and new people will still be able to sign up.

Fill out the following form and email it @ dandelionnwine @ gmail (Please put ‘Pen Pals’ in the subject):

Address: (Include the country, if not a US address PLEASE make sure to type it EXACTLY as we would need to write it)
Where you blog: (Can be a blog, tumblr, goodreads)
Genres you read:
Favorite book(s)/series:
Interests: (Fandoms, hobbies, etc so I can pair you with someone who you have something in common with)
Anything else I should know or your penpal should know?

Do you mind an Intl penpal?
Do you want more than one penpal? (If y, only one will be Intl)


Someone asked me what I was doing to secure your safety in all of this. And honestly, this is something I personally worried about too, because I will be participating as well. If someone signs up and they have little to no posts on their blog, or twitter, or seem shady, I will NOT be sending people their addresses because I would not want MY address sent to them. I have nothing against any. However, I do NOT, want newer bloggers to be discouraged from signing up. We were all new bloggers at one point and I do want you to participate. You can have a friend vouch for you if you’d like, I will be checking blogs/twitters before sending people out for the exchange. I will not be doing anything else with the addresses I receive.

I considered doing this a year or so ago but I didn’t think there would be any interest. Recently GabySalpeter mentioned it and I said if there was enough interest I would be willing to host it. So thanks to Gaby bringing it up again it appears there is quite a bit of interest from bloggers in an exchange.


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