Book Review → Vengeance of the Demon

vengeance of the demonTitle: Vengeance of the Demon
Author: Diana Rowland
Series: Kara Gillian
Publication Date: April 7th, 2015

Synopsis: Demon summoner Kara Gillian is on the wrong side of the law, and there’s evidence to prove it. Too bad the courts don’t accept “fighting demonic forces” as justification for murder and mayhem.

Yet Kara has problems that go way beyond her legal woes. When the enemy demonic lords spur their human accomplices into high gear, master summoner Katashi aggressively pursues their goal to establish a permanent gate between Earth and the demon realm. To hell with the consequences for humanity.

The line between ally and enemy blurs as Kara gathers the remnants of her posse to prevent a devastating demonic incursion, but a shattered trust may cost them the war and put Kara behind bars. With treachery rife, and her loved ones in danger, Kara must call upon the essence of who she truly is in order to rally back from a crushing loss.

And if she can’t, the world is going straight to hell.

Review: This is one of my favorite series. I absolutely love it and Kara is one of my favorite female characters. So when I saw this up on Netgalley I immediately hit the request button then jumped up and down when I got approved for it. I have been dying to read this book since I finished Fury of the Demon. When I reached the end of this book I had two reactions: 1- WHAT THAT CAN’T BE THE END! WHERE IS THE REST? 2- I need to re-read the first six books pronto! Vengeance of the Demon was everything I had hope from, well with ONE not so minor thing that broke my heart (and won’t share so it won’t spoil you BUT DIANA KNOWS WHAT I MEAN.), and I really, really need the next book.

My review is mostly flailing love for the book but it’s amazing and there is SOOOO much that happens in the book. I really don’t want to spoil ANYTHING for anyone, especially since this is definitely one of my ‘push on everyone’ series. So if you have not read this one PICK UP MARK OF THE DEMON NOW AND GET STARTED. It’s an amazing series, Rowland is an amazing writer, Kara is a kickass complex character, and there are a lot of amazing secondary characters.

Something else I really loved was the glossary. Not many authors take the time to do this and this is not something often seen in ARCs but omg did I read EVERYTHING in it. It helped me remember who some people were that I couldn’t quite place when I was reading. I loved the descriptions of the demon lords, I don’t recall what they looked like physically and I love how diverse they are. I just love extra information about characters or the world the story is set in.

Recommendation: Yes, always
I received an ARC of this book from the Penguin DAW on Netgalley. This in no way affected my review.


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