Book Review → Court

courtTitle: Court
Author: Cat Patrick
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2014

Synopsis: For more than 400 years, a secret monarchy has survived and thrived within the borders of the US, hiding in plain sight as the state known as Wyoming. But when the king is shot and his seventeen-year-old son, Haakon McHale, is told he will take the throne, becoming the eleventh ruler of the Kingdom of Eurus, the community that’s survived for centuries is pushed to the limit. Told through four perspectives, Court transplants us to a world that looks like ours, but isn’t. Gwendolyn Rose, daughter of the Duke of Coal, is grudgingly betrothed to Haakon — and just wants a way out. Alexander Oxendine, son of the Duke of Wind and Haakon’s lifelong best friend, already grapples with external struggles when he’s assigned to guard Haakon after the king dies. And commoner Mary Doyle finds whispers in the woods that may solve — or destroy — everything, depending on your bloodline.

Money. Love. Power. Community. What’s your motivation?

Review: The idea of having a hidden kingdom in the US was interesting and I was curious as to how the author would pull it off. Sadly I wasn’t impressed with how it was done. I had a hard time believing that this large section of land would go unquestioned or noticed by the general population for as long as it apparently has with no magic or any other type of wards. Help in the government isn’t going to explain its lack of appearance on a map, I’m assuming it doesn’t appear on one since it was never mentioned, or why people can’t travel through it on the highway, because at multiple points highways would go through it. It’s pretty much explained like the rest of Wyoming doesn’t know this Kingdom exists in their state, but how? Why has no one questions why they can’t travel through that section of land? Or live there?

Holy heck. The character development with Haakon was bad, well maybe not bad, but odd and weird. He went from being popular, cool, slacker, party boy prince to evil cruel prince at the snap of the author’s fingers. There was no gradual or slow change or even any real events to justify the sudden change in him. Yes his father died, was shot in front of him, and he was mourning, but this went weird.

Outside of Haakon the rest of the characters are pretty well-developed. None of them are flat or two-dimensional. I didn’t really connect with anyone of them but I didn’t hate any of them, and this wasn’t any fault of the author’s.

When I hit about 74% I got a bit worried, there seemed a lot that still needed to wrap up with not a lot of pages left. I was worried for a reason. The book ends, technically everything gets wrapped up, but it feels unfinished to me. Or it feels like there should be a second book but I don’t see any indication on goodreads that there will be a second book. I think my feelings might be a little different if I knew for sure if it was a standalone or the start of a series.

Stars: ★★★
Recommendation: Up to you
I received an ARC of this book from the author on Netgalley. This in no way affected my review.


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