Private Posts

Hey guys, a friend made me aware that one of my ‘signature’ icons had been replaced with anime porn. And since I use that signature on EVERY single post I make on the blog, I went ahead and made them all private until I can get them replaced. It’s going to take time for me to get through 300ish posts. I did the pages first so those should be good. If you notice an image that shouldn’t be there, trust me you’ll know when you see it, please shoot me a message either here or on twitter. I am going to try to get the book club posts done first. Also I owe you a December Book Club post. It’s going to be even later. I am sorry.

Edited: November 6th I am SO sorry if I spammed any of your inboxes, I went on a big spree trying to get these posts back up. I did not realize that in so it wasn’t just updating the post, but republishing it, and I’m not positive, but I think it might be sending out emails again. Again I am so sorry. I still have 150ish posts left to update.


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