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Hi guys! I’ve been sick the last two days and I don’t have any reviews yet to post. I need to flip through my notebook and type up a bunch of them and I figured while I work on that I’d tide you over with another one of these posts. (Plus some more recs.)

A book series that you think needs to end:

book series - anita blake

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton

I started reading this series in 2007 and I devoured pretty every single book that was out in this series at the time. I loved the first 8 or so books but after that the series went downhill for me. The books become heavily focused on sex, in several books Anita spends most of her time on her back. While I’m far from a prude I really don’t care to read close to 600 pages of sex, and I am not exaggerating when I say that.

The first 8 to 9 books were heavily plot and character focused books. You got to learn about the world and the characters, Anita is such a badass in these first books it’s a travesty what has been done to her in the later ones and breaks my heart. Anita is a vampire hunter, who the vampires call The Executioner, she can’t stand them and only puts up with them as long as they behave. And when they step out of line, she’s there with her stake to put a stop to that. And not only is she a vampire hunter she is also a necromancer who can raise the dead. Like I said, she’s a badass.

Then she gets embroiled in a love ‘triangle’, which caused me to roll my eyes. Then as we get farther into the series pretty much every male that she comes into contact with falls madly in love with her and can’t live without her. Plus everyone wants to shag her. Hamilton has gone a long way against making Anita likeable and enduring her to her readers in these aspects. The books went from having a plot, great characters, and serious aspects to them to feeling like Hamilton was playing out her personal sexual fantasies through Anita.

I stopped reading at Bullet, while Bullet reminded me of old school Anita in ways and all the things I loved about the series, I’ve found it hard to put my faith back in Hamilton and hope that she’s not gone back to her wild sex crazed ways. I’ve attempted several times to read Hit List, I made it two chapters or so in the last time but rolled my eyes when Edward mentions ‘her guys’ and closed the book. I knew it was only a matter of time before the porn started back up.

This series has been going on a long time and has long run its course. It’s true that each series has a certain lifespan on them and this one has long since expired and is now a walking zombie.


4 thoughts on “Feature → Book series I think should end

  1. Raindrops and Pages says:

    I stopped reading during Narcissus in Chains. I don’t even think I got halfway through it. I’ve heard vague rumors that the reason why the smut amped up so quickly and everything else faded away was she divorced her husband– and her brother in law was the one who was feeding her the cop story lines and helping make them believable. Who knows.

    Totally in agreement though.


    • Denise says:

      I followed her for a while on twitter, I stopped because she kept posting book spoilers, and she was always talking about her husband so if that’s true she re-married. Even if that’s true or not there are still other sources she could have used to help make the police procedural believable. I’m sure she’s got fans that are cops that would have been willing to lend their ear, plus I believe there are workshops and such for that sort of things. And she could have reached out to similar authors to see if they had any resources she could use. I stuck with the books as long as I did because I kept hoping that she’d get back to when the books were awesome. I used to bug my friend to read them, that’s long since stopped.


  2. bookwormbrandee says:

    I’m really far behind in this series but I’ve heard more than one person say this series should end. It’s kinda sad…author’s should end series while it’s on top just. 🙂


    • Denise says:

      The thing is, this series should have ended over 20 books ago when they turned into porn. After like book 8 there’s no plot left. It’s 600 pages of sex. I don’t see her stopping any time soon, when I looked on goodreads to see how many books were in the series I saw one came out this year and there’s another out next year. The later books have put such a bad taste in my mouth I can’t even re-read the first books that I loved.


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