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I don’t know if someone else has already made a feature for this but I was thinking of this last night and I want to do this occasionally. I want to do more posts where I talk about books I like and things I don’t like about them. This feature is going to be about book series that I think have run their course and need to be wrapped up.

A book series that you think needs to end:

book series - stephanie plum

The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich

I have been reading this series for at least 7 years now, I was introduced to them while I was doing my radiology clinical rotation and I quickly fell in love with Evanovich’s ability to pull her reader into the world not to mention the quick wit and humor of the series. I was in love with Stephanie and Ranger from the beginning and as the series continues on they continued to be my favorites.

So why do I think a series I dearly love, have fond memories of, and enjoy re-reading (some of the books) end? I think this one has run it’s course mostly because Evanovich hasn’t done any real character development with Stephanie. I feel that both Ranger and Morelli have significant growth but her female characters remain stagnant and the same. Book 20 came out in November and I was so disappointed with it. Stephanie is a bounty hunter, she blackmailed her cousin Vinny into giving her the job, and 20 books later she is still terrible at her job. Her life has been in danger more times than I can count and she still doesn’t do anything to get better at her job. She pretty much has come to rely on Ranger bailing her out when things get bad and it’s old, frustrating and makes Stephanie seem like a moron when she’s not.

Another reason I think this series needs to end is the love V* that goes on. Stephanie has past history with Morelli and a few books into the series they start dating and they’re on and off for most of the series. But Stephanie likes Ranger as well and they have some steamy moments. And from about book 8 Evanovich has Stephanie flip-flopping between the two guys unable to make up her mind and it’s gotten annoying. This has been going on for 13 books it’s high time Stephanie pick one of them or to pick neither and let them move on.

It kills me to stop reading this series but it’s even more frustrating that Evanovich hasn’t given her female characters they growth that they deserve and if she’s going to fail to do that I’d rather he end the series than to keep on writing it. I still will recommend the first 13 books to people, I didn’t care for 14 and after that I feel the series really starts to go downhill.

*I say love V because I personally feel that a triangle should have A liking B, B liking C and C liking A. When it’s A and B liking each other, and B and C liking each other, while A and C don’t like each other it’s not a triangle but a V.


2 thoughts on “Feature → Book series I think should end

  1. Cassi says:

    I totally agree with this entire post. I gave up on this series on book 15. It’s hilarious and so entertaining but at this point it just feels like this are getting stale and she’s dragging things out. To use a television term, she’s jumped the shark and should have gone out on top.


    • Denise says:

      I’ve gotten so many friends and family members to read this series. But the last 7 books have been hit or miss for me and 20 just pissed me off more than I enjoyed it so I’ve had to give up on the series. I literally rolled my eyes when I saw the post for book 21. I’ll still re-read the first 13, I love them so much, but it makes me sad the lack of growth this series has.


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