Book Review → Down on Her Knees

down on her kneesTitle: Down on Her Knees
Author: Christine Bell
Series: Dare Me
Publication Date: February 24th, 2014

Synopsis: Detective Rafe Davenport has always made Courtney DeLollis uneasy. While her instincts whisper, Touch him, her mind says, Run. But since she learned that he’s dominant in the bedroom, she hasn’t been able to forget about it. She should be appalled—she knows all too well what happens when a man has too much control—but a deeper, darker part of her is fascinated.

And so is Rafe. The sexual tension between them is thick enough to touch, and damn, does he want to touch. So he suggests something that will benefit them both. Four scenes—because anything more is a relationship, and Rafe won’t go there ever again. Each scenario is designed to tease and torment. To show Courtney that with every submission comes the reward of scintillating pleasure. But once he has Courtney down on her knees, Rafe realizes that she might be the one woman capable of bringing him to his.

Review: Dear romance and erotica authors this is how you BDSM. Please take notes and start making changes. This is one of the only novels with BDSM in it that I have felt comfortable while reading and that’s because the author didn’t skip the steps where the characters came to terms with what they wanted, didn’t want, and came up with a safe word. I’ve read way too many books that introduce characters who are entering into a BDSM relationship for the first time with each other and NEVER take these steps Those two things made this story immensely more enjoyable and the sex scenes that much hotter.

And those were some hot sex scenes. The one with him in his police uniform … *fans self*. The pacing of the story was good, there seems to be some past history with these two that I missed (I am reading the books out-of-order since I received this one as an ARC), but they were enjoyable characters and I was shocked when I realized the story was almost over. I did not want this one to end. Rafe and Courtney have a really good chemistry and I would have loved for this one to continue longer. I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series.

Stars: ★★★★★
Recommendation: Yes, good book
I received an ARC of this book from Entangled Publishing. This in no way affected my review.


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