Book Review → Uninvited

13645645Title: Uninvited
Author: Sophie Jordan
Series: Uninvited
Publication Date: January 28th, 2014

Synopsis: When Davy Hamilton’s tests come back positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome (HTS)-aka the kill gene-she loses everything. Her boyfriend ditches her, her parents are scared of her, and she can forget about her bright future at Juilliard. Davy doesn’t feel any different, but genes don’t lie. One day she will kill someone.

Only Sean, a fellow HTS carrier, can relate to her new life. Davy wants to trust him; maybe he’s not as dangerous as he seems. Or maybe Davy is just as deadly.

Review: I had heard a lot of good things about this book from other bloggers, so I read the summary and I was intrigued. Man did this book live up to the hype. It is by far one of the better YA dystopian novels that I have ever read.

I enjoyed both Davy and Sean, they are both intriguing and enjoyable characters. Gil is another good character, I look forward to seeing more of these three in the future. I think Sean is my favorite, he tries to show everyone that he is uncaring and that he is what they say he is but he protects Gil and Davy any time they need it. I am dying to know what he did to get imprinted.

The only thing that really bothered me is that I want to know more about HTS, how they discovered it, and what the government is doing and how the US got to this point. In this aspect first person is limiting us because we are only told what Davy tells us. I really need more. It’s going to be a long wait to the second book.

Stars: ★★★★★
Recommendation: Definitely!!


4 thoughts on “Book Review → Uninvited

  1. bookwormbrandee says:

    I’m glad you loved Uninvited, Denise! I’ve been anxious to read it myself. I have read other reviews saying the same thing about wanting more info on HTS. Definitely a drawback of first person. Great review!


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