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Hello everyone! Feature and Follow is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Allison.

Who is your blogger BFF? Tell us a little bit about him or her? If not tell us why you need or don’t need a blogger BFF.

I would have to say my friend Carrie is my blogger BFF. I’ve known her for a long time, way before I started blogging and we’re both fairly new to this and figuring things out together. I talk to her about things, rant to and with her about things. She’s a wonderful friend and someone I know I can turn to with things. The image below will take you to her blog.


I also have some really good friends, Crystal and Meredith, who have helped me a lot with things since I’ve started blogging. They’re always willing to give me tips and help me out with things. They’re great friends and I am so glad I met them! Love ya both.


Twitter follows are good too.


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  1. Jac @ For Love and Books says:

    I love book blogging BFF’s who are relationships that go back beyond book blogging! (My Blogging BFF is also someone I’ve known for YEARS longer than my blog!)

    Jac @ For Love and Books (My Follow Friday!)


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