Book Review → Straddling the Line

16160124Title: Straddling the Line
Author: Sarah M. Anderson
Series: The Bolton Brothers
Publication Date: May 1st, 2013

Synopsis: CFO Ben Bolton has enough on his plate running his family business. But when lovely Josey White Plume enters his office, his priorities shift. He refuses to let such a compelling woman walk away. The chase is on.

All her life, Josey has sought one thing: to fit in with her Lakota family. She has no time for some sexy rich guy’s pursuit. But she can’t stop thinking about Ben–wanting him…kissing him. Yet falling for a wealthy outsider will destroy everything she’s worked for–unless she can find a way to straddle the line between his world and hers.

Review: This was an enjoyable quick read. I read it in one sitting and there wasn’t really anything big in it that bothered me. I liked the characters a lot and I hope that we do see quite a bit of them in the next two books since it is a series about the three brothers. I am definitely glad that I picked this one up.

Stars: ★★★★
Recommendation: Read it


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