Book Review → Gwynneth Ever After

17874990Title: Gwynneth Ever After
Author: Linda Poitevin
Publication Date: June 30th, 2013

Synopsis: Gwyn Jacobs doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Ever since her ex-husband walked out, leaving her alone with three small children, Gwyn has been mother, father, and bread-winner all rolled into one. Her own scarred heart aside, she refuses to open up her children’s lives to the possibility of another heartbreak, and so she has an unbending policy of no dating and no unattached men in their lives.

Until her very own fairy tale falls into her lap…and the hero won’t take no for an answer.

Review: I was really impressed with this book. Normally I am not a big fan of romances, I always find that the authors, of the books I have read, tend to rush the relationship and it comes out fake and forced. This one wasn’t like that, there was a lot of depth. I loved that Gwynneth and Gareth are both older and have quite a lot of life experience.

This was a light, fun read. I had a hard time putting the book down, in fact I didn’t, I stayed up all night just so I could finish it. There were a lot of funny moments that had me cracking up. It was a well-balanced read, not too much romance but just enough.

I did receive this from the author for an honest review.

Stars: ★★★★★
Recommendation: Definitely!


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